May 3rd, 2010


Asking a favor: Microsoft Word Calendar Wizard

ETA: Got what I needed. Thanks, everyone!

I used to use Microsoft Word's Calendar Wizard to generate the calendars I use for tracking my writing. It produces a very simple page-a-month calendar that looks like this:

I print it out, hang it on the wall over my writing chair, and put a colored star on each writing day. It's simple but generally quite effective.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Word for the Mac doesn't include the Calendar Wizard. When I switched from PC to Mac a few years ago I generated a file with a calendar through 2010 and have been printing a page a month since then. But that file is coming to its end, and I haven't found any easy way to generate a calendar that's this attractive. There are lots of online calendar generators but they are all butt-ugly.

I believe that the Calendar Wizard may have been dropped from Microsoft Word on the PC in more recent releases. I also seem to recall that it was an optional component and is not installed by default.

Are you running Microsoft Word 2000 or earlier under Windows? Do you have the Calendar Wizard? (According to you can find it by clicking on File, New, General Templates, and Other documents.) Would you be willing to generate a calendar that looks like the one above for, say, the years 2011-2015 and email it to me? If so, please leave a comment below. Thanks!