August 16th, 2010


Go visit The Plunder Zoo

My friend plunderpuss, a talented writer and artist, was accepted into Viable Paradise (yay!) but also was hit by some very large and unexpected vet bills for his beloved pit bull Hanso (boo!). He's dealing with the financial crisis in a very creative way: by drawing and coloring 150 amazing little animal cartoons and selling them via a clever and engaging website. Go help him out at The Plunder Zoo.

Australia itinerary

Oh my gosh, we're leaving for Australia next week! We have all of our hotels and internal flights arranged, and most of our major tourist activities reserved. Soon it will be time to pack!

Here's our itinerary, in brief:

August 25-27: Fly to Australia.
August 27-31: Melbourne, plus at least one day trip out of the city.
September 1-6: Aussiecon 4 (68th World Science Fiction Convention), also in Melbourne.
September 7-9: Mungo Outback Journey at Lake Mungo in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. Kangaroos! Emus! Cockatoos!
September 10-13: Adelaide.
September 14-16: Lady Elliot Island Resort on the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkeling! Manta rays! Sea turtles!
September 17: Hervey Bay. Whales!
September 18-21: Sydney.
September 22: Fly home.