December 21st, 2010


Wireless digital photo frame as digital wall calendar?

I wish there were a way to have a kitchen wall calendar (the one we use to show all our appointments for the month) that would automatically update itself from iCal. I keep seeing these WiFi-enabled digital photo frames, and thinking that it should be possible to set up a background process to generate a screen shot of the current monthly calendar and upload it to the photo frame whenever the calendar changes. Surely someone on LifeHacker or Gizmodo has already done this? But, if so, my Google-fu has failed me. Can anyone point me to an existing solution?

An alternative would be an Internet-enabled digital photo frame that could connect to Google Calendar or MobileMe or some such, but I haven't found anything like that either. There's something called FrameChannel that some frames support but I haven't been able to determine whether or not it will do the job for me.