November 8th, 2011



Man, this feels weird. But it was time.

You people were no help. The voting on whether or not to lose the tail was exactly even (29 to 29). But even though grrm and autopope voted to keep the tail, in the end I had to admit that it is no longer the 1970s. And, as Kate pointed out, if I hate the new look I could always grow it back.

Lots of people asked why I was considering a change after so many years. In some ways, that is the answer: it has been a lot of years, and it's good to shake things up every now and again. And fashions do change, and even someone as fashion-blind as I am (and even living in the Specific Northwet, where we consider putting on the clean hiking boots to be "dressing up") could finally see that my look had become dated.

It's more different from the front than I'd thought it would be. It definitely feels different whenever I move my head. It will take some getting used to. But I think I like it.