May 5th, 2012


Cesky Krumlov

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A few stray notes from yesterday... As we walked around the town, we saw many, many young people (many with large bottles) flowing toward the music festival. It's very clear that we made the right decision to switch hotels. Also, although the hotel desk clerk told us she didn't know this was happening, it's just today, maybe it will end this afternoon, we got a copy of the program: the festival has been going on for three days already and runs until 1:30 AM every night. So... nice try, lady. I'd like to think that even without Monika we might have managed a solution, but Monika certainly made everything better and easier. Well worth the fairly large amount of money we're paying for her services and Peter's.

I also ought to note that wherever we have traveled in the Czech Republic we've found clean toilets, good toilet paper, plenty of hot water and water pressure, and free wi-fi. (The only hotel we've stayed at so far in this trip that lacked free wi-fi was in Bologna.) This definitely does not feel like a third-world or second-world country.

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