October 17th, 2012

motherfucking soufflé is ruined

Alas, Echofon. What's your favorite Twitter client?

Just learned that, thanks to the changes that Twitter is making in its API, Echofon is phasing out support for its desktop products. This makes me sad, even though they will continue to develop their mobile app, because one of the things I really like about Echofon is the way it synchronizes unread tweets among all platforms. I read Twitter on two Macs and an iPhone, possibly adding another device in the near future, and it's great that when I read a tweet on one device it's marked as read on the others. The other thing I really like about Echofon is its mute feature -- you can mute a user, a hashtag, or a posting client (e.g. foursquare, paper.li) and never see those tweets again on any device. And, of course, it has a very clean and simple UI, and does not include Twitter's "promoted tweets" (ptui).

So I'm looking for a new Twitter client -- or, rather, a Twitter client suite for iOS and OS X -- to replace Echofon. It has to be something that will continue to work despite Twitter's coming API changes... which, given Twitter's increasing fuggheadedness, probably means that I will be stuck with the official Twitter client. But I have hope that someone out there has something better. Any suggestions?