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David D. Levine
05 January 2013 @ 02:32 pm
With LiveJournal's recent issues, lots of people are talking about moving to Dreamwidth.

I have been posting all of my content at DW as well as LJ (as well as my own blog at daviddlevine.com) for some years now, though I'm still using LJ as my main blog-reading interface. I don't anticipate this will change soon, but as I'm a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy I have just gone over to Dreamwidth and friended everyone who's on my LiveJournal friendslist.

If your username on Dreamwidth is different from (i.e. not character-by-character identical to) your username on LiveJournal, please comment here or otherwise notify me of your Dreamwidth username if you'd like to keep in touch there.
David D. Levine
I've just discovered that Bridget and Marti McKenna's anthology End of an Aeon is now available as an ebook from Baen Ebooks, and what's more they've put up my story "The True Story of Merganther's Run" as one of the sample chapters you can read for free online. Enjoy!