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David D. Levine
23 October 2013 @ 03:09 pm
Failed to mention in last post: cylinders every few blocks on the street in pairs and threes are municipal garbage "aspirators:" basically they slurp the trash (or compost, depending on which one) away under the sidewalk like a giant vacuum cleaner or pneumatic tube. The chocolate "Minbari" in the photo was actually a monk of a certain order; chocolate is associated with these monks because for a time chocolate (with stimulating properties, but not a "food") was considered okay to eat during fasts and they came to specialize in it. The chocolate museum was inside a school for pastry chefs, and included views of classes in session (airbrushing, writing with icing, rolling out marzipan) in a huge teaching kitchen with giant windows facing the courtyard.

Tuesday 10/22: Awake ~6:00, the more fools us.

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