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29 October 2012 @ 06:46 pm
Newsy update  
Here's a bunch of miscellaneous news, some of which I've been meaning to post for weeks...
  • At the upcoming World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, I will be moderating a panel called "They Call Me the Wanderer" at noon on Friday in York B&C. Also on the panel: Rajan Khanna, Stefon Mears, Robert V. S. Redick, and Patrick Rothfuss. Assuming that Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm does not prevent us from arriving in time...
  • My story "Wavefronts of History and Memory" was accepted at Analog by new editor Trevor Quachri.
  • My story "The White Raven's Feather," originally published in Daily Science Fiction, will be reprinted in e-anthology Spells: Ten Tales of Magic, coming soon to Kindle.
  • My story "Moonlight on the Carpet," originally published in Aeon Speculative Fiction,, will appear on tinaconnolly's Toasted Cake podcast.
  • I appeared on the Roundtable Podcast twice in September, first in an interview and then in a workshop in which the hosts and I helped a writer workshop a story idea. I had lots of fun doing it, and I hope you enjoy listening to them!
e_bournee_bourne on October 30th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
Congratulations! All excellent news.