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24 July 2016 @ 09:17 pm
Update on Kate, 7/24 9pm  
Kate has been doing well in rehab. She is talking better, walking better, and has more energy than she did last week, and we now expect that she will be able to go home tomorrow (Monday 7/25). That being said, she still requires a lot of support and cannot be left alone, so we are going to need a lot of help in the coming weeks.

In particular, if you are in a position to bring by some food we would greatly appreciate it. It would be best if you could bring dinner for 3, with no mushrooms, in freezer-ready containers. We will also be able to use your help performing errands, shopping, and cleaning. We will be using MealTrain to schedule helpers... watch for an email from me as soon as we figure out our schedule.

We are planning to have some kind of home health care. Unfortunately, our first pick agency couldn't work us into their schedule and our second choice hasn't yet returned our call. We hope to hear from them on Monday.

In addition to home health care for Kate's daily activities, she'll be getting visits at home from physical, occupational, and speech therapists several times a week. Eventually this will shift to outpatient therapy and then, as she gets more functional, taper off to nothing.

We finally got a visit from the oncologist with the pathology report. To no one's surprise, the new tumor is another glioblastoma. They've sent off a sample to Foundation One for genetic testing, which may identify some additional options for therapy going forward. In the meantime we will focus on recovering from the surgery and reducing her steroid dose (currently 12mg per day, down from 16 last week). In the next few weeks we'll get the Foundation One results back and have another MRI and we will know more about what kind of treatment she'll get in the coming months.
KMSvgqn on July 25th, 2016 05:47 am (UTC)
Glad to hear Kate's rehab is going well! Going home, yay!
Geri Sullivangerisullivan on July 25th, 2016 09:32 am (UTC)
Huzzah for a Kate's anticipated return home today!

Glad to hear about the genetic testing; that's advanced considerably since 5.5 years ago when Susan Palermo was first diagnosed. And while it's no surprise that the tumor was another glioblastoma, the fact that Kate remained tumor-free for so long after her initial diagnosis counts high on my list of remarkable and welcome surprises. May the genetic testing turn up one or more similar bits of welcome news.

Please let Kate know I'm looking forward to returning to our Skype PT visits as soon as she's ready for those. Either the stretches we've been doing, or anything else she learns from this new set of therapy sessions.

Back in March, she kidded me about the lengths I went to when I cancelled a weekly session after landing in the hospital. She's certainly done me one better on that front, but our goal is to collaborate, not compete on any of this stuff. :-)

Much love, and All That Jazz....
billeylerbilleyler on July 25th, 2016 10:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for this update. Hoping I can stop by and see you/Kate if it works out when I'm there on September 11.