David D. Levine (davidlevine) wrote,
David D. Levine

9/26/04: Hacking away

Word count: 98381 | Since last entry: 1682 | This month: 7331

A productive day's writing, while Kate went to the Flock and Fiber show ("have fun with the sheep," I said). Wrote a whole scene in which Jason hacks into the FFL's mail server to find out what the organization has been keeping from him. I hate fiction in which magic "Computer Hackers" can take control of anything in no time, with no research and no preparation. In this case I set up the hack chapters and chapters ago, with Jason having plenty of inside information (plus, of course, his exceptional skills, which are implausible, but he is the main character after all). I hope the readers will find it plausible and be entertained.

In other news, I feel less sick. Still not 100% healthy, but better. I'll be glad when this is over, though. Thanks to all those who have sent good wishes.

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